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another carburetor company. Our experience stems back to 1960. In the late 1950's when having a hot rod meant that you built it from the ground up, Charlie Serra, the founder of Avanti, started modifying carburetors and ignition systems for his own race cars which turned into doing them for his buddies and their buddies.
Through the years Charlie has been involved in the development of many different types of modified carburetors. This includes the most revolutionary carburetor, the Hi-Flow, which was originally designed for NASCAR.
In 1981, the Serra family started Total Racing Components and developed carburetors for most of the top named race teams. As quoted from one customer, "If you don't have a TRC carburetor you might as well stay home". TRC developed many different stages of modified carburetors, cylinder heads, intake manifolds and camshafts. These were all popular with many different applications including street performance, drag racing, circle track, marine, puller trucks and off road 4 x 4.
In 1991, the Serra family wanted to keep the personal touch of a smaller company in each product. So they down sized the company and moved to the Northeast closer to the racing action. Now as Avanti, they specialize in carburetors and ignition systems. This has given them more time to add new stages of carburetors (Torque Flow, Resto and OEM series) to their line as well as a complete line of ignition parts including the ever popular Super HEI and Ignitor Series distributors.
In 2000, Avanti was purchased by Mike Judkins, who has brought to the company his 20 + years of experience in the performance/racing industry. This as well as his knowledge of the Avanti product line, has given him the ability to continue to offer customers high quality products. Avanti is well established in eastern Pennsylvania near Philadelphia and Allentown. Avanti offers quality products at affordable prices and our knowledgeable staff will make sure you get the right product for your specific application.
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