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The HI-FLOW series carburetors... This series of Avanti carburetors is the ultimate race carburetor, designed for extreme high horsepower applications. This carburetor is popular with high horsepower Pro-Street, Drag Racing, Marine or Circle Track applicaitons. This carburetor gives you the low rpm torque of a smaller carburetor and the higher rpm horsepower of a larger carburetor. This will not only increase your horsepower but make a broader more consistent power range with crisp throttle response. Available in gas or alcohol versions, using a new or used core.
The HI-FLOW carburetor is offered in 2 or 4 barrel versions. Features include all metal components, milled air horn, 4-corner idle, polished and balanced venturi, thinned butterflies, thinned throttle shafts, screw-in air bleeds and recalibrated fuel circuits. Every carburetor Avanti offers is hand assembled one at a time for your specific applicaiton. After being custom built, each carburetor is also engine tested for quality assurance and comes with a 90-day warranty.
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